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Diving Bell Society volunteers ARE on the ground in Panama's Darien Gap. 

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The Diving Bell Society is dedicated to the collection and archival of immersive, VR images of ecosystems on the brink of extinction. 



Our goal is to provide visual references to guide future ecological restoration work, providing a necessary tool in the rebuilding what we will have lost. We do this by working with citizen scientist around, researchers and technicians, and VR production companies that are already out in the field capturing beautiful images. 

Each VR experience is a reference point – a time-capsule of how a place once appeared. As ecosystems are lost, these VR experiences will help us remember what we once had and let the next generation see what the earth once was. Most importantly these references will assist restoration ecologist rebuilt what we have lost.

We are dedicated to archiving immersive images and ecologically significant data while providing access to everyone, free of charge. We believe that the archive will provide insight today and critical restoration references tomorrow.

We are starting with six pilot projects. 

01. hawai'i

02. panama


04. nicaragua

05. washinton

06. NOrth carolina



"a fifth of the world's plant species faces the threat of extinction”

The State of the World's Plant Report

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